Audi A8 Rims & A8 Wheels site video. If you loved our video, head down to the bottom of the page and 'like' us! The creative team put together this video for you in order to give you an insider's glance at our company and to show off our Audi A8 Wheels and Audi A8 Rims! Here in Chino, California, our warehouse staff not only refinishes and cleans all of our rims and wheels, but they also hand package and ship all of the orders as well. We carry car and truck, new and used, Factory, Original, OEM, stock and OE rims and wheels, so we will definitely have what you need! As far as information goes, we have provided plenty of pictures, advice, articles and free tips on our website,, just for you! We want you to be as knowledgeable as possible about the Audi A8 Wheel or A8 Rim you visualize putting on your vehicle. If when all is said and done and you aren't completely ecstatic about your new A8 Wheel we offer a money back, satisfaction guarantee for every order. To get in touch with us to place an order, visit our site or give us a call, toll free, at 800-896-7467! Thanks for your time!