Honda Accord Wheels and Honda Accord Rims site video. Thank you so much for watching our video about our business and about our Honda Accord Wheels and Honda Accord Rims! We are a Southern California based company that actually supplies rims and wheels to businesses and private parties all over the nation! Between our California warehouse and our other 13 warehouses spread throughout the US, you should be able to find whatever you need with us! We carry used and new rims, for both cars and trucks, with options of Factory, Original, OEM, OE and stock, so there is no chance you won't be able to find exactly what you need if you trust us with your business! When an order for an Accord Wheel is actually placed, it is refinished, cleaned, screened for structural and cosmetic integrity and then hand packaged by our warehouse crew. If when you receive your order, you aren't 100% happy with it, we do offer a money back, satisfaction guarantee with every purchase! Those who need more information or are a little confused about what they would like to put on their vehicle, can visit our website for pictures, articles, blogs and videos. To put in an order for a Honda Accord Wheel or an Accord Rim, you can call our toll free number 800-896-7467 or visit us online at! Thanks again!