Mazda B2500 Wheels and Mazda B2500 Rims site video. This video was created to give our customers a little information about and our Mazda B2500 Wheels and Mazda B2500 Rims! We are a Southern California based business that thrives because of the way each member of our team treats our customers. To start, we carry rims and wheels for cars and trucks, in new and used condition, with options between Factory, Original, OEM, OE and stock, you will be able to find whatever you need if your choose to work with us. Any customer who is unsure about what they want or need for their Mazda can visit our website for pictures, articles, blogs and videos about our merchandise and other related topics; our goal is to make sure that you are confident about what you are ordering and excited about it being delivered. When your order is delivered, if you aren't 100% happy about the condition etc, you do have the option of the money back, satisfaction guarantee that we extend with every purchase. When you order, your B2500 Wheel will be cleaned, refinished and hand packaged after being inspected for structural and cosmetic quality. Anybody interested in putting in an order for a Mazda B2500 Wheel or B2500 Rim can do so online at or by calling our toll free number 800-896-7467! Thanks again!