Mazda B3000 Wheels and Mazda B3000 Rims site video. Thank you so much for taking an interest in and our Mazda B3000 Wheels and Mazda B3000 Rims. We are a California based business that specializes is providing the absolute best quality products and service. We carry rims and wheels for cars and trucks, in used and new condition, with choices between Factory Original, OEM, OE and stock. Also available with are pictures, articles, blogs and videos about our merchandise and other helpful topics that are there so that you can feel sure of what you want for your Mazda before you put in an order. Once a B3000 Wheel is requested, it is cleaned, refinished, inspected for structural and cosmetic quality and then hand packaged and shipped out to your home or business. If for any reason you aren't completely happy with what you purchase from us, we do extend a money back, satisfaction guarantee with every order. If you are interested in putting in an order for a Mazda B3000 Wheel or B3000 Rim, you can go to to do so or you can call our toll free number 800-896-7467! Thanks for your time!