Mazda B4000 Wheels and Mazda B4000 Rims site video. The team put this video together to show our customers the huge difference between our Mazda B4000 Wheels and Mazda B4000 Rims and one that you might waste your money on from a less the respectable dealer. We are a Southern California based business that takes pride in providing the most immaculate products to our customers, as well as friendly, efficient customer service. We offer a huge selection to our customers, from car and truck parts, with options of Factory Original, OEM, OE and stock, to rims and wheels in both used and new condition! For research purposes and because it's important to us that you are confident in what you want to order, we have uploaded pictures, articles, videos and blogs on our website that are there for anybody's use. Once you place an order, your B4000 Wheel will be cleaned, refinished and screened for structural and cosmetic quality before being hand packaged by our warehouse crew and shipped out to your home or business. The last great thing that we provide is a money back, satisfaction guarantee that covers you in case of your order being damaged or being the wrong finish etc. You can get a full refund, no questions asked if there are any mistakes. Those ready to put in an order for a new (or used) Mazda B4000 Wheel or B4000 Rim can do so online or by calling our toll free number 800-896-7467 to speak with a sales representative. We appreciate your interest!