Dodge Challenger Rims and Challenger Wheels site video. This video was made to tell you a little about and about our Dodge Challenger Rims and Dodge Challenger Wheels. Our team strives daily to make sure that our customers only receive the best possible quality products and the utmost in customer service! The way we do this is to take a lot of care in each step of the process, from our customer service/sales representatives to our warehouse team that refinishes and hand packages every Challenger Wheel. Also, we extend a money back, satisfaction guarantee for every order just in case something goes wrong somewhere in the sale, we know we have a second chance to earn your business! Our variety has endless combinations: we have rims and wheels in new or used condition, for cars and trucks, with options of Factory, Original, OEM, OE and stock! There are also pictures, blogs, articles and videos available on our website for any customer to browse in order to get a better understanding of what they want for their vehicle. To order a new Dodge Challenger Wheel or Challenger Rim, you can order online through or call our toll free number 800-896-7467! Have a good day!